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Thursday, 14 February 2019 19:18

Repair of a leather shoulder bag

The beauty of leather products is that even when they are in very poor condition, they can easily be brought to a nearly new state. Even when the shoulder bag looks very unfavorably, it will take several treatments, it will lead to its previous state. Below you can see how to fix the leather bag yourself step by step.


Renovation of a leather bag

I never treat my things with any exaggerated care. I believe that everyday objects should be fully used everyday. This rule also applied to my bag. Always thinking about wasting or getting dirty somewhere did not concern me. I put her on the ground, whether I was outside or at home. I put everything into it, even shopping. However, I never thought about destroying or throwing it away consciously. In my opinion, the items are repaired and not thrown away. They get a second life with me.


I do not recommend using professional skin cream. May contaminate clothing. And such stains are very difficult to remove. The first step is to clean the bag. You will need special skin soap, a sponge, a bowl of warm water and a clean towel. First, you must empty the bag completely and, if possible, remove the strap. Sponge put the first layer of soap on the entire skin. Szoru until an adequate amount of foam is created. Then rinse the dirt off the sponge and apply a second layer of foam. If the bag is very dirty, do it again. Then dampen a damp towel in warm water and wipe off excess soap. Make sure that the towel is not too wet, because later you will have to wait long for the skin to dry. The bag can be gently wiped with a cotton cloth.

Grey genuine leather satchel bag by Belveder
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Removing scratches and scratches

Before refreshing the color, you should take care to repair all the damage on the skin. A cream for skin renovation for scratches will be useful here. It is used locally in small amounts. Put it on a cotton cloth wound on your finger. Once you apply the cream on all scratches, you must wait 10 minutes and polish the bag. Thanks to this, the bag will not dye the clothes later. In order to protect the bag for the future, it should be well moisturized and nourished especially in the places that work the most so that it will not crack and be less susceptible to abrasion.

The article was prepared in cooperation with UK Fashion Trading Company LTD, whose page you will find at: Wholesale leather bags, as well as more information on leather bags, their production and maintenance.

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