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Friday, 05 April 2024 16:07

Gucci Campaign Starring Kendall Jenner - Controversies and Reactions

Gucci Campaign Starring Kendall Jenner Gucci Campaign Starring Kendall Jenner pexels

Kendall Jenner, star of the "Kardashians," featured in a new Gucci marketing campaign, sparking widespread discussions on social media. Fans and critics quickly pointed out the irony of the situation, as the model, known for her use of private jets, was depicted running through an airport, which to many seemed inconsistent with her real travel habits.

Campaign Raises Doubts

Gucci released photos of Kendall Jenner on Thursday, and reactions were swift. Social media commentators quickly highlighted her preferences for traveling on private jets, contrasting with the image presented. "Kendall's first visit to an airport looks like this," joked an Instagram user, emphasizing the unreality of the depicted situation. Others mocked the idea that Jenner would opt for a commercial flight over a private jet, further accentuating the gap between image and reality.

Absence of Bad Bunny and the Campaign's Future

Another aspect that caught the attention of observers was the absence of Bad Bunny, with whom Jenner had previously posed for photos promoting Gucci luggage. Their romance, which lasted seven months, ended in December 2023, though in January, the couple vacationed together in Barbados. Regardless of their private relations, fans wonder about the future of the campaign and whether the controversies will affect its reception.

Kendall Jenner and Gucci are in the spotlight not only because of marketing aspects but also due to the discussion on authenticity and credibility in the fashion world. Despite its beautiful execution, the campaign has raised questions about the alignment of public image with celebrities' private lives.