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Thursday, 28 March 2019 17:58

DIY Home Decoration Tips and Ideas

Draw on The Furniture You can use a nonslip metal ruler or a sharpie for this purpose. You can add custom graphics to your furniture. You can use other things like some metallic tape. As far as your imagination and creativity goes, you can do anything.

There are many practical home decor ideas.


Create a Gallery

Get some beautiful frames and make sure that they come with precut mats. The next step includes taking your favorite images and printing them out. You can choose whatever size you want. Now you are going to have to look at your wall and observe it. See where each of the picture is going to set and where should it be placed. You don’t have to use the same way to attach them to the wall for all of them. Remember, how you attach it to the wall, isn’t going to be visible. So, you can glue them, pin them, nail them and use whatever means necessary.

Fill Up the Extra Space

If you look around, you can find a lot of extra space in your house. There are cabinets that may have nothing at all in them. The best thing to do with cabinets is to take different colors of paint and paint them from the inside. Then you can create homemade decoration pieces and place them in those cabinets. If you have things already in the cabinet then the best way to keep it clean is to keep everything categorized and tidy. If everything is neat, it will look beautiful.

Add More Curtains

Choose the curtains very wisely. You have to look at the material and the color. The thing with curtains is that you have to keep your room in your mind when you are choosing them. If they don’t go with your room, they aren’t going to look good at all. You have to choose the right material, the right design and pattern, and the right color for your curtains. And also make sure that you never get just one single curtain, always get a pair. We thank popgi for suggestions.