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Thursday, 23 June 2016 17:35

A Canadian clothing brand for young, energetic people

Simons is a Canadian brand that is currently expanding its operations. This is a small family business, which in recent years has opened up new boutiques. These shops not only have an extensive offer aimed at young, energetic people who know exactly what they want, but they also boast impressive architecture.

The new boutique opened recently in Ontario was created in collaboration with well-known artists, including Brendan Tang, who was responsible for elements of the interior design of the building.
Simons was established in 1840 and since that time it has offered its customers interesting and fashionable clothing collections.

Simons clothes have a simple design that perfectly matches the casual and smart casual look. They are ideal for everyday and semi-formal work outfits. Materials with interesting textures and patterns are used for the production of Simons apparel. The brand creates clothes for both women and men, as well as elegant, exquisite lingerie that is both stunning and very comfortable.

If you're curious about the latest collection for the spring-summer season, you can take a look at the video below, which presents the latest advertising campaign prepared for the launch of new designs.