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Monday, 09 September 2019 10:35

How to dress your kid for the innauguration

Dress for innauguration Dress for innauguration

First day of a school year i always an exciting moment.

Your child is looking forward to meeting his friends, and you are completing a gala outfit for him on this occasion? Do not forget about the right shoes to school year inauguration, which is partly responsible for making a good impression. 

Thanks to this, in the future the child will already know the importance of matching the outfit to the occasion. Are you looking for suitable shoes to start a school year for a boy? Or maybe you want to choose the ones in which the girl will present herself in an elegant way? Check out our recommendations!

Choosing an outfit for the start of the school year

Choosing a child's shoes that will be suitable for the inauguration of the school year, it is worth considering if the entire outfit meets the requirements of this occasion. Unless your child goes to the school where uniforms are required, the classic set will be a combination of a white top and a black or navy blue bottom.

It is important that the child looks modest and elegant. So nothing prevents the boy from wearing dark indigo jeans and the girl from wearing a smooth black dress and white tights. So that your child doesn't look gloomy, you can also create a modern set for him on this important day.

When choosing shoes, follow these universal rules:

  • if your child puts on a very formal outfit consisting of a white shirt and black or navy pants or skirt, choose contrasting shoes in a sporty style, such as smooth white sneakers or vans;

  • if your child's outfit is the right color, but still more casual than the elegant character, try to get elegant footwear that will not make the whole styling look careless.

Shoes for the first day of school for girls

As is usually the case, when styling to start the school year for girls, the choice is really large. The schoolgirl will present herself most elegantly in an outfit, which will include a skirt or a dress.

A little black in a girl's edition or a classic white shirt and a pleated skirt do not have to be associated with a lack of comfort and arouse dislike in her. All you need to do is combine smoothly white sneakers or classic converse or vans with this outfit. In this way, the entire styling will gain youthful freshness and comfort.

If your child does not like dresses and skirts, do not force her to wear them. You can also create the right set to start a school year based on pants! Choose a classic white shirt for the black tubes, and choose shoes children's patent leather tied oxfords. This outfit will look appropriate to the occasion while remaining comfortable for the child. World-famous designers on the catwalks prove that the trend of combining a suit with white sneakers looks very elegant yet modern. 

So nothing stands in the way of using it in your child's wardrobe! You can choose a black, navy or graphite suit for a boy made of elegant material, or comfortable cotton and combine it with smooth, white sneakers or sneakers.

However, if the boy prefers dark jeans and a classic white shirt, choose one of the children's shoes. These may be loafers or bonded oxfords. It is important that they give an elegant character to casual styling.