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Wednesday, 06 March 2019 17:25

What are the different styles of gold chains?

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You may think that buying jewelry is easy, because it gives us pleasure. However, you can be wrong, as in many situations the great variety of products offered to us by all those jewelry shops, make it impossible to choose just one product. Especially, if we do not know much about different types of jewelry. In this case, even such simple item as gold chain may cause us a lot of trouble.

Just browse casually through any online store with this kind of products and you will quickly understand that making a decision can be really hard. That is why, it might be a good idea to learn some more about different styles of gold chains. You will be surprised how many options you get, while searching for this type of accessory, which by the way can positively change any outfit.

The Most Popular Gold Chains Among Men

Cuban link chains are definitely among the most popular choices, in particular by men. They really like the fact that they are heavier and thicker than most gold chains, even though such chains are also available in more delicate versions. The design of Cuban link chain is quite simple, as it consists of flat, interlocking links, which has the same shape. They can be made of solid gold or just be plated, but if you want a good quality Cuban link chain – The GLD Shop should be your first choice.

Another style of gold chains frequently chosen by men is Franco. Originating from Italy, this type of chain is made with V-shaped links. It can have various width from very thin to quite thick, and of course is available in different lengths. However men, often also decide to buy Rope chains. They look like strands that are twisting and somehow spiraled together, and that gives us the rope-like effect. Rope chains consist of many small, oval links, which may look delicate but at the same time are tough and very durable.

All of those products are adored by hip hop and rap fans, because of their great look and durability. But always remember to make sure that they are of the best quality. Whether you choose Rope, Franco or Cuban link chain – The GLD Shop might be the right option.

The Best Gold Chains For Women

Women usually prefer more delicate and feminine styles of gold chains. The most traditional one among them all is cable chain, which is used by many women around the world. It consists of the oval links, which are of the same shape and size, and they interlocked together to create a very well-known gold chain. It is simple, but beautiful and elegant at the same time.

Another popular style of gold chains among women is a box chain. Its structure is based on the links, which resemble little boxes joined together. The cubes are so close to each other that the whole chain is very smooth in its appearance. But women’s attention is also often drawn to the ball chains which consist of little round beads placed on the chain in some distance between each other. They look delicate and can be combined with many various types of pendants.

Of course, as you can imagine these are only few examples of the gold chains’ styles you may choose from. Producers of various kinds of jewelry creates wonderful items, which are not only beautiful, but also really durable. That is why, we shouldn’t rush the decision on which product to buy. We may take as much time as is needed to learn more about the certain type of jewelry, because that way the chances of choosing the right item are much higher. And let’s be honest, jewelry usually isn’t cheap, especially if we want to invest in good quality products. So before spending our money on a ring, bracelet or gold chain, we need to think at least twice about it.