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Friday, 05 June 2015 08:19

Alzoli presents new Spring 2015 Collection Alzoli made - Silk Scarves

ALZOLI.COM, a small design business located in Belgrade, Serbia – is delighted to annunce the first collection of unique and luxurious silk scarves available to international order via request. The exclusive collection of 31 hand made silk scarves will be open for request from December 18th and include a personal letter from the designer.


Creative Director Ljiljana Kužet, commented on the collection for the Spring season:

„Our first collection of scarves has been a privilege to design and create. My vision was to materialize a sense of femininity, power, elegance and happiness – and it was with these words in mind that the scarves were formed. Me, together with our business Alzoli, are so proud and honored to be able to present our collectionof scarves and hope that these beautiful items will make women happy and enhance their inner power and beauty.“

„This exclusive collection is the very first by Alzoli made and we aim to make it many more to come. Craftmanship, quality and uniqueness form theessence of Alzoli and we are so thrilled to be able to present this first collection of silk scarves. For the upcoming Spring Season 2014 we wish to present Alzoli as an International brand with its full potential.“ Sales and Marketing Director, Zorana Vukomanovic