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Thursday, 01 August 2019 12:35

Buy gift, that's suited your wife

The stereotypical image of a wife looks something like this: in one hand she holds a crying child, in the other an iron or mop.

You may think that buying jewelry is easy, because it gives us pleasure. However, you can be wrong, as in many situations the great variety of products offered to us by all those jewelry shops, make it impossible to choose just one product. Especially, if we do not know much about different types of jewelry. In this case, even such simple item as gold chain may cause us a lot of trouble.

Thursday, 14 February 2019 19:18

Repair of a leather shoulder bag

The beauty of leather products is that even when they are in very poor condition, they can easily be brought to a nearly new state. Even when the shoulder bag looks very unfavorably, it will take several treatments, it will lead to its previous state. Below you can see how to fix the leather bag yourself step by step.

Wednesday, 08 November 2017 14:30

Mannequins for sale

It is hard to imagine a clothing store in the 21st century which is not able to present its offer in a more accessible way than on hangers. The use of mannequins in display windows has become so popular that customers always expect to be able to see how a particular blouse, trousers, or dress look like on a model. This is very important when shopping.

Simons is a Canadian brand that is currently expanding its operations. This is a small family business, which in recent years has opened up new boutiques. These shops not only have an extensive offer aimed at young, energetic people who know exactly what they want, but they also boast impressive architecture.

To showcase the autumn-winter 2016-2017 collection, Kris Van Assche surrounded himself with a cutting-edge quartet that naturally embodies the rebellious energy of Dior Homme fashion: A$AP Rocky, Larry Clark, Rod Paradot and Dylan Roques. Discover the campaign shot by Willy Vanderperre, in which each plays a specific role.

The diverse backgrounds of these four Dior men, at the vanguard of a wave of subversive creativity within music, cinema, photography and fashion, converge to channel the free-spirited sensibility of the season’s skate-influenced wardrobe. Spanning generations and disciplines to represent a duality of youth and experience, they plot an evolution of style that subverts the classicism of Dior Homme. The quartet is headlined by American rapper A$AP Rocky. His dedication to fashion emanates through each image as he embodies the empowered masculinity of today’s urban aesthete. The cult filmmaker and photographer Larry Clark reveals a brooding elegance. The portraits by Vanderperre (himself a true fan) are infused with the hard-hitting subject matter of his legendary career.

Flying the flag for a new generation of independent cinema, 20-year-old French actor Rod Paradot encapsulates the intoxicating aura of millennial youth, exuding unrelenting confidence and undeniable street cred. Lastly, both show-opener and campaign face, French model Dylan Roques perfectly reflects the radical vision of Kris Van Assche’s fashion for Dior Homme: a style with punk accents grounded in a modern take on tailoring.


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