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Friday, 27 May 2016 19:00

Great fashion in the big city

Simons is a brand with over 170 years of family tradition. This is a company that manufactures high-quality clothes for men and women, which captivate all generations. The latest collections are dedicated to young people looking for clothing that is stylish, elegant and at the same time comfortable. These are the qualities of the latest lines of the Twik and Djab brands.


So far, clothes by Simons could be purchased almost exclusively in Quebec, where nine of the brand’s eleven stores are located. Currently, the chain is expanding its operations and is opening a new store in Ontario. It will be a really special shop. The building impresses with its form and the inside is the work of not only interior design specialists, but also well-known artists. The sculptures adorning the store are the work of Brendan Tang. They were inspired by traditional Chinese ceramics and create an incredible atmosphere for shopping.

An additional attraction for shoppers in the new Simons store in Ontario will be the opportunity to drink some delicious coffee and have a moment of sweetness at the café on the top floor of the building. The atmosphere of the café resembles a French bistro.