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Wednesday, 19 July 2023 18:46

How to Plan a Beautiful & Memorable Baby Shower

chocolate lollipop from Maple Gifts chocolate lollipop from Maple Gifts pixabay

Perhaps you are planning a baby shower for yourself and are thoroughly enjoying distracting yourself from the particulars surrounding giving birth and instead are busy designing your own handmade invitations.

Conversely, maybe you have been tasked with arranging a secret baby shower for your friend or close family member and are wondering where to begin.

Either way, you have definitely clicked on the right article, as here is how to plan a beautiful and memorable baby shower.

Choose the Right Location

Firstly, you need to decide upon a time and date to suit the mommy-to-be, and once that is settled, the sooner you book the venue, the better.

Now, you could well have enough space in your own home or in your garden to host your celebration, but if you prefer to head to a local pub or restaurant, choose the venue and book it immediately to avoid disappointment.

Party Favors

No baby shower would be complete without the addition of little party bags full of cute favors, such as a delicious chocolate lollipop from Maple Gifts and these little bags are the ideal way to finish off a fabulous baby shower.

Other items you might choose to include could be:

  • Scented tealights
  • Moisturizer
  • Relaxing bath soak
  • Items to wear at the shower
  • Makeup
  • Photographs of the mommy-to-be

Pick the Right Theme

Another crucial component of planning a baby shower is one that you need to decide upon (and commit to) sooner rather than later, and that is to pick the theme.

You could choose to go all out and ask everyone to dress as their grandma (complete with silvery wig), or else choose another, more general theme, such as ballet dancing, superheroes, construction workers, or pop stars.

Regardless of the theme you choose, make sure that everyone is aware of the theme as soon as possible. Furthermore, if you intend to surprise the mommy-to-be, make sure you remember to buy them an outfit and appropriately themed accessories too.

Concentrate on Games!

Fun and games are at the heart of every successful baby shower, and it is down to you to ensure the guests are entertained from start to finish.

Luckily, it will only take a quick and simple search of the internet to find lots of ideas and inspiration for games appropriate for a baby shower, with one of the most traditional and best-loved being to ask every guest to bring along a photograph of themselves as a baby and everyone is asked to choose who they think is who.


Finally, you must also leave time and part of the budget for investing in beautiful decorations, with the sky being the limit when it comes to decorations if you are hosting the shower at home.

If you intend to book a restaurant or pub, phone ahead to ask if you and a friend can come a little earlier than everyone else to decorate the space and also ask if you can bring along a cake to be brought out after the meal. 

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