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Friday, 19 February 2021 17:18

Educational puzzles for children - the most interesting ideas

Educational toys for 18 months Educational toys for 18 months

In the rich offer of puzzles for the youngest one can find many interesting educational sets. Attractive puzzles enable development through play.

This entertainment, which will certainly appeal to kids, ensures the development of their motor skills, logical thinking and creativity. Performing such tasks also allows to exercise concentration. Many sets also convey knowledge in various fields. What interesting toys can be found in this category?


Puzzles from 18 months of age

Unique sets of educational puzzles will be suitable for toddlers aged 18 - 36 months. In this category you will find mostly wooden puzzles that consist in matching elements to gaps of appropriate shapes. You can find here, among others, sets showing animals inhabiting different areas. These may be sea creatures, forest creatures or creatures living on a farm. An extremely interesting proposition for children at this age are puzzles allowing to arrange sequences. The pictures placed on them show subsequent stages of plant or animal growth. The child's task is to arrange them in a chronological order. Such puzzles are considered to be extremely developing. For toddlers over 2 years old it is worth to offer sensory sets. They are equipped with elements of materials with different textures. See Educational toys for 18 months.

Interesting ideas for preschoolers.

Excellent proposals for preschool children will be educational puzzles for learning counting or the alphabet. This category includes sets, in which colorful letters should be arranged in the right order. It may also be an interesting idea to buy sets, where the child's task is to match numbers to the number of objects visible in the picture. Older preschoolers will like sets allowing them to build pictures showing the human body and its internal organs. Images of maps of the world or the solar system can also be a good idea.

Puzzles for school children

Among the sets suitable for elementary school students, there are also puzzles that convey various information. It is possible to find puzzles presenting maps of different countries with marked cities. An interesting solution may turn out to be a map of the world, on which images of monuments characteristic for particular regions appear. A well-chosen set of puzzles will certainly be appreciated by the child. In order for the child to willingly take part in the game, it is worth to match the set to his/her interests.