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Tuesday, 19 March 2024 17:46

A Hidden Gem Unearthed - The Remarkable Journey of a Victorian Brooch

Victorian Brooch Victorian Brooch pixabay

A Victorian brooch, once purchased for a mere £20, has remarkably fetched £9,500 at an auction, following its feature on the renowned "Antiques Roadshow". The brooch's owner, art historian Flora Steel, stumbled upon this treasure in 1988, only to realize its true value decades later, thanks to the expertise shared on the television series by jewelry expert Geoffrey Munn.

The Unveiling of a Masterpiece

The ornate silver brooch, hidden away in a wardrobe for two decades, was identified as a creation of the Gothic Revival architect and designer, William Burges. This discovery came about serendipitously when Steel watched an online video featuring a similar piece by Munn. The connection to Burges, a celebrated figure in Victorian design, significantly increased the brooch's value and historical importance.

From Forgotten Accessory to Auction Highlight

After confirming the brooch's provenance with the help of Gildings Auctioneers, based on design sketches from the Victoria and Albert Museum, it was revealed to be part of a limited set made in 1864. Intended as a bridesmaid gift at a close friend's wedding, this piece of jewelry encapsulated a personal story intertwined with Victorian high society. Steel, who had worn the brooch on special occasions, had no idea of its significance until a chance encounter with a television program changed everything.

The brooch's journey from a forgotten wardrobe item to a sought-after auction piece highlights the unpredictable nature of antiques and the stories they carry. This remarkable sale not only brought a significant windfall to its owner but also shed light on the craftsmanship and history of the Victorian era, proving once again the enduring appeal of antique jewelry and the mysteries they may hold.