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Monday, 14 December 2020 11:29

Everything you need to know about Thai Massage in Warsaw

Thai massage in Warsaw Thai massage in Warsaw

If you are feeling sore or stiff due to arthritis or exercise and wish to change your usual massage form, then Thai massage in Warsaw might be the perfect for what you have been looking.

Unlike a few western massages where the therapist applies oils and wants you to climb and disrobe under sheet on the massage table, Thai massage is something where you are usually lying on a padded mat floor with your full clothes on.


Instead of just kneading motion and relaxing gliding characteristics of few of the popular massage forms, Thai massage focuses on pulling, stretching, and using rocking techniques to enhance the flexibility, relieve stress and tension, and the range of motion. Usually Thai massage is also called as “assisted yoga” or “lazy person’s yoga”.

The Thai massage therapist uses her or his legs, knees, arms, and feet to move the body in the series of stretches which are similar to yoga and also applies joint mobilization, muscle compression, and acupressure.

Applying pressure to the muscle knots which is usually known as tender muscle fibre adhesions might hurt, but it should be remembered that there is a difference between the type of pain and discomfort due to inappropriate or excessive pressure and stretching. Ye, it is possible that you might not be able to avoid the discomfort, but the therapist should be able to adjust the movements and pressure during the massage so that you are not in pain.

Not just Thai massage, but any massage is used for protecting against stress-related health issues and relieving stress. It is also used for improving range of motion, boosting energy, and flexibility. Particularly, Thai massage is said to have ameliorated or benefit many various health problems. Getting Thai massage from Warsaw has the following benefits:

  1. Relieves headaches and tension
  2. Reduces back pain (usually chronic nonspecific and subacute back pain)
  3. Increases range of motion and flexibility
  4. Relieves muscles pain, joint pain and stiffness, and spasticity
  5. Stimulates lymphatic drainage and circulation
  6. Boosts energy
  7. Makes the nervous system calm

Thai massage in Warsaw – few things to know

Before going to get the Thai massage in Warsaw, there are a few things which you should be knowing before getting an appointment. Firstly, you are usually expected to bring or wear comfortable, loose clothes to the massage. A typical Thai massage in Warsaw is around 60 minutes to two hours long depending upon the requirement.

A few tips before going to get the massage would be: you should not have a heavy meal before going to get the Thai massage done. If it is your first time to get the Thai massage, make sure you reach to the spa or clinic at least 10 minutes prior to change your clothes and to complete the necessary forms. Least you could be doing is to arrive 5 minutes prior so that you can change in that time. You should be sure that your Thai massage therapist has the details of your complete health history. This is because people with certain conditions are usually restricted from getting a Thai massage. Lastly, you should let your massage therapist know at any point of time if you feel any sense of discomfort during the massage.