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Thursday, 18 November 2021 11:44

Caffeine - a stimulant for the nervous system

Caffeine Caffeine pixabay

In today's world, where the number of responsibilities is quite overwhelming, the human body gets tired quite quickly.

If a person still wants to remain physically active, he sometimes needs additional stimuli that will help his body before carrying out a given training unit. One of the useful supplements that can work in a similar way is the popular and well-known caffeine. However, not many people know how exactly it works.

Use and effects of caffeine

Many people every morning immediately reach for a mug of hot coffee that contains the caffeine in question. This stimulates them to act and start doing their daily chores. However, few people wonder why this happens.

Well, caffeine chemically blocks the receptors for adenosine. The latter is a chemical compound present in everyone's body. It is responsible for partially maintaining homeostasis (balance) of the central nervous system by slowing down its rotation. Caffeine is a receptor antagonist (blocker) for adenosine, which cannot attach itself to its receptor. Without this, it will not work and produce a calming effect. In this way, caffeine stimulates the CNS into action, and the person immediately feels more ready for action.

In addition to this, a significant correlation has been shown between strength and training. Studies have shown that people who took caffeine before a workout had better performance than people who did not take it. Thus, through caffeine, a person can not only focus more on a given workout unit, but also make it more effective. See Crossthelimits.

Dosage and types of supplement

The dosage of caffeine depends on the body weight. It is generally accepted that a person should provide 3 to 6 mg per kilogram of body weight in order to achieve the desired effect.

Caffeine can be taken through various sources. The most popular is of course coffee, followed by pills, energy drinks or pre-workout shots.

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