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Thursday, 27 April 2017 11:51

How to prepare your car for shipping

Do you need to get your car transported across countries?  Holidays, job relocation or travelers lifestyle. There are many situations when shipping your car will be necessary. Among many other reasons for shipping a car, for some people traveling or changing their home country every 2 or 3 years became a routine. Getting their stuff transported easily is important. In this article, you will find tips that will help you make it hassle-free!

There two things you need to keep in mind. 

The way you will prepare your car to be shipped depends on you. The more careful you will be about any valuable parts the less possible that your car will get damaged. Expensive equipment, any loose elements or parts that stick out. It's your job to think ahead and plan what you need to secure or dismantle. 
Another thing is - choose your transport provider wisely. First, it's better to educate yourself a bit and get familiar with the transportation market, visit websites of different transport companies and skim through their service description and pricing pages. You can do it easily when you have everything in one place so you can try to look at the companies profiles on the online transport marketplace. 
I will expand on these two topics below.

How to prepare your car for shipping?

Here is a handy list of thing you need to take care of before giving letting your car in car movers hands.
  1. Take any unnecessary items out of the car
  2. Clean it!
  3. Remove antennae, radio and any electronic devices you keep inside.
  4. Remove any valuable parts or elements that stick out
  5. Make sure the petrol tank is not leaking.
Remember to take note of the current condition of your vehicle. Take photos and write down any important observations you have. It will be much easier to claim for the damages that occurred during the transportation process.

How do I choose a transport provider?

It would be best to know other client's feedback when you choose a transport company. You can try asking your friends if they can recommend anybody or search on car enthusiasts' forums. Try transport marketplace as well. You can post your listing for free, choose a delivery and pick-up location and then wait for transport provider to bid on your listing.
1. Do your research - try to compare different offers
2. Visit moto-funs  forums or companies' websites
3. Try to find former clients' feedback or advice
4. Read the company's offer thoroughly
5. Check the insurance they provide
6. Depending on the destination, look for local or international transport companies (go here to find: german transport providers or spanish transport providers)
If you put some time aside to prepare and apply at least some of the tips mentioned above it should go smoothly! 
Shipping a car doesn't feel that difficult anymore, does it?