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Monday, 06 January 2020 16:27

Cheap car rental in Spain - how to rent a car at the best price

Having the possibility to travel by car wherever you like is very tempting. Your own playlist in the background, the air conditioning set to the temperature that suits your best, and being able to change travel plans as you like - these are just a few of the reasons why it’s worth renting a car. Spain is a beautiful country, with many surprising secrets, which are definitely more enjoyable when sightseeing by car!


However, many people are afraid of the expenses. Another stressful factor is that the transaction is carried out in an unknown country. So what's the best way to look through offers and choose the right one? Well, this process can be really simple and clear if you read the information below.

  1. Use an online rental database

Without knowing the market and sometimes the language, it is difficult to select a rental. Making this decision after your arrival can be very risky. There might not be any available cars, and you can’t check the prices of other rentals. This may lead to overpaying for the car. We recommend using the search engine at, which will help you find the best offer at the lowest price.

  1. Fuel policy

The most beneficial solution is when the rental company offers you a settlement on the basis of refuelling. This means that when you pick up the car it will have a full tank of petrol and you will be obliged to return it with the same amount.

  1. Additional costs

In order to plan expenses related to renting a car and avoid unplanned expenses, be sure to check the additional costs carefully. They may include fees related to insurance, crossing the border, or putting the car into a different parking lot than the one from which you picked it up.