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Thursday, 04 July 2024 13:22

A new car for $19 a month?

car rental in Colorado car rental in Colorado pixabay

Can you rent a new car for just $19 a month? It turns out you can, although there's a catch – it's an electric Nissan Leaf. Tynan’s Nissan, a dealer from Colorado, offers exceptionally favorable leasing conditions that make electric cars accessible to a wider audience.

What will you learn?

1. What leasing conditions does Tynan’s Nissan offer on Leaf S models?
2. Why is the argument about the inaccessibility of electric cars for the working class losing its significance?
3. What tax benefits and rebates enable leasing a Nissan Leaf for $19 a month?
4. What additional costs need to be considered when leasing a Nissan Leaf?
5. Until when is the Nissan Leaf lease offer at Tynan’s Nissan valid?

Electric cars for everyone

For years, critics of electric vehicles have argued that their proliferation in the United States is impossible until the working class can afford them. Despite high prices not hindering the growth of the market for expensive trucks and SUVs, this issue was often raised in discussions about electric cars. Now, however, this argument is losing significance as some dealers are practically giving away electric cars. Such is the case with Tynan’s Nissan in Colorado, where they offer new Leaf S models for a symbolic $19 a month with no down payment.

How is this possible?

The offer takes advantage of Colorado's generous state electric vehicle tax credit, an NMAC credit, and a $1,000 Nissan EV cash rebate. Customers can choose to pay the $695 acquisition fee and the $699 dealer handling fee upfront or roll them into their monthly payments.

If you don’t exceed 20,000 miles during the 24-month lease term, you’ll end up paying just $1,850 to drive a brand new Nissan for two years. With the average Leaf S consumption rate of 4.1 miles per kWh of electricity, driving 20,000 miles would cost around $599 at Colorado's average electricity rate of 12.28 cents per kWh. Of course, there are extra costs like insurance, registration, taxes, and fees, but it still presents an incredibly cheap way to get around for a couple of years.

Offer details
*2024 Nissan LEAF S, model code 17014. 24-month lease through NMAC at $19 per month plus tax at 10,000 miles per year ($0.25 each additional mile). Lease end value $21,922. $0 down payment, $695 acquisition fee, $699 dealer handling fee not included. 1st payment due at signing. Monthly payment with fees & 1st payment included is $59. Taxes extra. $8,100 Colorado State EV tax credit, $1,000 Nissan EV customer bonus cash rebate applied as cap cost reduction at signing (must be Colorado resident). $0 security deposit required. Stk# 240635 (VIN RC555580) MSRP $30,030. For well-qualified buyers with approved credit. Taxes and fees extra. Must take delivery from dealer stock. Dealer-installed accessories may result in additional cost. Offer ends 7/8/2024 or while supplies last and excludes prior sales.

The new lease offer from Tynan’s Nissan for the Nissan Leaf S is one of the best ways to affordably transition to electric vehicles, potentially encouraging more people to consider this option.