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Thursday, 11 June 2015 08:41

Comfort Electronics, Ltd is Releasing Another Remote Start Module for Mercedes Benz Automobiles

Comfort Electronics, Ltd, a veteran in European automotive electronics, is releasing another module to the benefit of all Mercedes Benz owners: cliMATE M2, a Remote Start for Mercedes Benz automobiles. By adding the cliMATE M2 to the existing cliMATE M1 the company doubled their market share. Their product line is now compatible with 68% of all Mercedes Benz vehicles on the road.


This news will be welcomed by all the newer vehicle owners, who had previously only very limited choices how to preheat or cool their vehicles before they enter it.

It is very convenient to remotely start your Mercedes with no need to carry anything extra in your pocket – the cliMATE is controlled with your existing Mercedes Smartkey.

Using cliMATE is perfectly safe and no security is breached. The vehicle cannot be driven until the original key is in the ignition.

Installing is as simple as plugging cliMATE in-between the Mercedes Benz ignition switch and its harness. cliMATE is built to German automotive standards and contains the newest electronic components specifically designed not to consume power when not in use.

Comfort Electronics, Ltd is offering free worldwide shipping and is including an invaluable specialty installing tool in their kit, eliminating a need to purchase it.