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Thursday, 15 October 2020 08:12

Safe Fall Vacations during a Pandemic

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This fall is going to be a little different due to COVID-19, but with a rare five-weekend month that will have two full moons, one of them on Halloween and the weekend, fall festivities will still be a must for families.

You can get the family in the car and explore towns and cities near you that you never thought twice about visiting. Who knows, you may be visiting a town this fall and decided you love it enough to even live there. If that’s the case and you begin looking for Baton Rouge houses for sale, for example, you can turn your fall vacation into an even bigger adventure.

Hit the open road

A road trip is one of the safest fall vacations during a pandemic. You can take a day trip to see the leaves changing, or you can take the car and load it up with some camping gear and spend the weekend at a campground enjoying the crisp fall air. If you’re not into camping, you can always find cabins, a bed and breakfast or a boutique hotel within driving distance versus large chain hotels. If you are crossing state lines make sure to check for their quarantine requirements and make sure you pack food and other essentials as many service stations are closed or have limited service.

Explore a national park

If your exotic travel plans were squashed the last couple months because of the pandemic, you are not alone, but fortunately you can explore the beauty of the natural parks across the world. Likely there is something scenic to see within a few hours of where you live. National parks have a low risk and usually have accommodations for travelers as well. Though, it is recommended to make a travel safety pack that has masks, wipes, hand sanitizer and gloves. You can also look up national parks on the web to discover parks near you and read about their operating status and procedures.

Book a private wine tasting

A lot of wineries are offering private sessions to allow guests to experience their winery with less exposure to others. You can research those wineries and see if they offer lodging so you can enjoy your wine and not even have to worry about driving home.

Take a train ride

Amtrak has gotten praise for being “on board” with COVID-19 precautions with masks requirements, strict boarding and disembarking rules as well as making passengers maintain social distancing. You can book a private room for your family and see the changing scenery from your suite. You can also look into historic train rides to take day sight-seeing trips.

There are ways to venture out of the house with minimal risk of catching or spreading the virus. If you wear your mask, avoid crowded and enclosed spaces and spend the majority of your time in the crisp autumn air, you can still salvage your vacation time and have a great fall.