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Tuesday, 24 September 2019 17:45

Where to Eat in Krakow?

Restaurant in Krakow Restaurant in Krakow

There are two types of travellers in the world: those who love their food during travel and those who fear the food during travel. Where do you belong?

Regardless of the category you are in, a trip to Krakow would do a world of good. For the former, Krakow will be a paradise of culinary delights. For the latter, this is a safe place to begin slaying their gastronomic demons. So, where to eat in Krakow? The fact is all the Krakow restaurants serve quite impressive food. Sleepwalk your way to any restaurant and order your favorite food. They will serve it. Right? Not quite. That’s only a stuff of dreams. 

Most of these restaurants serve Polish cuisine only. So your favorite food, unless it is Polish, may not be there. But worry not. All restaurants in Krakow offer splendid Polish food: wines, soups, vegetable snacks, non-vegetarian main course and heavenly desserts. 

Options Aplenty

The best restaurants in Krakow are located in and around the city center and in the old Jewish settlement of Kazimierz. The city center is known for the restaurants and milk bars that serve traditional Polish wines, tasty delicacies and memorable main courses.

Find any decent rated restaurants from Tripadvisor Krakow, try out its cuisines. Most of the Krakow restaurants have cozy interiors, intricate architecture, traditional cellars, and above all - reasonable prices. A heavy lunch will cost around 15-25 Euro. Breakfasts and evening snacks are cheaper. Unless you go for an extravagant dinner, the dinner will also cost almost the same as the lunch. Some of the restaurants are housed in buildings that are centuries old. You can marvel at its beauty while enjoying the food.

Focus More on What to Eat Than Where to Eat in Krakow

It is true. First figure out the kind of food you want to have in Krakow. There are plentiful options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Vegetarians must look forward to the Krakow tour. Poland is the biggest exporter of mushrooms. The most popular snack in Poland is Pierogi. It is kind of dumplings filled with fruits or vegetables. It is available everywhere in the city. Another traditional dish, Golabki, is a type of cabbage rolls. That does not mean non-veg lovers are under-served. Duck fillets, beef steaks and stew, and chicken varieties are immensely popular. There are exquisite items like meat soups and Zapiekanki, the Polish equivalent of a pizza. Krakow’s city center has a number of joints that serve the good old wine. If you are visiting in December, check out the Krakow local market for perhaps the world’s finest mulled wine. 

Desserts in Krakow restaurants are fabulous and should not be missed. The most popular items are Sernik – a kind of cheesecake made of cold curd cheese and suitable toppings – and Szarlotka, Polish version of the apple pie. If you truly explore the best best restaurants in Krakow, the chances are that you will not fear the food during the travels anymore.

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