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Thursday, 05 March 2015 10:49

Wine Tasting In Hawaii – Go or No?

Hawaii is popularly not recognised as a wine tasting location due to being outshone by regions in France, Italy and California. However, Hawaii has developed its own, unique wine which includes the sweet pineapple, creating a new sensation of wine.

 In early 2016, a new wine tasting room will open in Waikiki, Hawaii. This wine tasting room will include many different regions of wine, allowing all visitors to flavor the unique and vast palette of wines. From reds to whites, to full body to light, from sweet to acidic, Hawaiian Vines wine tasting room will provide the ultimate experience for locals and tourists alike. Wine tasting is an enjoyable event that can be savored and relished by all those that visit this unique location. Waikiki has not seen a concept like this before and we are sure that all guests will receive an individual, personalized experience sampling fine wines whilst enjoying the Hawaiian culture.

So, as far as wine tasting in Hawaii, in early 2016, Hawaiian Vines is a ‘GO!’ from us!