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Tuesday, 18 August 2015 15:21

The most interesting attractions in Prague

The most mysterious place in the Europe is Prague. Most high rated destination for tourist in Europe. Every year Prague attracts 4 million vacationers towards this beautiful part of world. Prague is the blend of fascinating destinations, Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau Architecture, churches, scores of palaces, squares and parks.

Spicy Czech beer and food accessible for traveler’s at affordable prices.

We have highlighted the free top tourist attraction in Prague. Charles Bridge is connecting Lesser Town and Old Town over the River Vltava. This bridge is 600 year-old. This is Prague most prime location for the travelers. In 1357 King Charles commissioned the bridge for the connectivity of two cities. In past few years this bridge was badly destroyed by a flood in 1342 after this build by King Charles and gives a convenient way to the people. Baroque Statues line merged with myriad vendor’s stall, beggars, musicians and performance artists. This location is very busy every time. Bridge is never seemed empty any time.

Amazing image of bridge at day and night time create unforgettable seen for travelers. At this time everyone enjoy the ultimate and unique coloration of Bridge. The most charming view of Bridge is Prague Castle reflects the architectural structure of pleasant state-of-art. When you climb the step then Charles Bridge rests a tower that gives a pleasant view to the people. Old Town Square located between the Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square. This place is most favorable at Summer Time both for locals and tourists. The building of Castel comprise of royal palace, three churches, a cathedral, royal stables, defensive towers, monastery and a basilica. Craftsmen worked and build finest gardens at tiny lane.

In 9th Century Prague Castle began as wooden fortress with earthen bulwarks. St. Virus Cathedral it is beginning start from 14th century. Jewel place in Cathedral is castle complex because many emperors and kings are buried here. This great Prague is the example of skilled state-of-art. Prague’s astronomical clock reflects the structure of Babylonian time, the old Town Square in Europe beautiful point. Sunrise and Sunset both times this place looks greater for the tourists. This building was repaired round about 600 years ago and this is 3rd ancient clock in the world. Finally, never miss the glorious location of the world. Europe is the paradisiacal point in the world and most creative part for each single traveler. Historical points greatly increase the interest of the people.