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Wednesday, 08 April 2015 14:07

Best summer holiday destinations in India

Sweating summer is here, students as well as teachers are rejoicing in the forethought of vacations. When the heat is up, the scorching sun brings good news for everyone as all the colleges and schools are closed and people have a good opportunity to travel with their family.

Saturday, 16 July 2016 13:56

My Best Summer In Rome

It would be silly to walk aimlessly around such a beautiful city and not to obtain interesting and useful information about Rome. So, I asked for help of a guide on web. The website 2polyglot is very easy for use; you just need to come  and choose a specialist according to your requirements. I selected an appropriate guide and agreed to meet at the airport. Then, my days were full of impressions. Rome captivated me at once. It is the brightest city I have ever seen.

More than 50 life-size, ultra-realistic animatronic dinosaurs will arrive at Richland County Fairgrounds for a weekend of paleo-fun. Jurassic Quest invites families to experience prehistoric educational entertainment, including multiple science stations, guided dinosaur tours, fossil digs and more.

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