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Monday, 06 September 2021 13:39

What are personal proxies and where to buy

proxy seller proxy seller pixabay

Most Internet users try to maintain their anonymity. After all, it is no secret that all information about visited sites, queries in a search engine and personal data is saved. Of course, very few people will enjoy this moment. But there is a solution!

  • You can hide data and become "invisible" using ipv4 and ipv6. Consider their differences, purpose, benefits and where to buy.

Who uses ipv6 and why

Each has its own reasons for use The most common and main reasons for use can be, if necessary, a workaround, any restrictions. And also a very important point in filtering web content, viewing downloads and ensuring anonymity (when surfing) on the Internet. 

Mostly IPv6 proxies are used for mobile access. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to connect devices, the number of which is constantly increasing, and at the same time, a huge amount of a unique IP address is constantly needed.

IPv6 boasts more security, an added benefit. And also a bonus - better performance and with an updated management model. This will allow the user to move between addresses as seamlessly as possible.

Who uses ipv4 and why

When connecting to a new provider, the ipv4 address is automatically configured. This allows you to roughly understand where the information is being sent. And if you need to hide this information, then you need to purchase a proxy.

IPv4 creates a kind of "bridge" of several proxies, due to this, a more complicated process of tracking the actions of the Internet user takes place. Such a chain is difficult to track even for curious providers. But it is important that the speed does not decrease at the same time, therefore it is important that the dedicated servers are of high quality.

Buying personal proxies

It is important not just to buy a proxy, but to purchase, for example. at fast IPv4 and IPv6, which are guaranteed to provide their users with the necessary functions and please with the stability of the browser, as well as all important programs in which the proxy will be used.

Benefits of buying a proxy

  • Buying a proxy you get stable operation of the necessary programs, technical support if necessary at any time, as well as round-the-clock supervision by system administrators.
  • If you are in doubt, or want to first try how it works, connect free proxies. Thanks to this, you will be able to solve your simple tasks, and get to know more about the work of a proxy.