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Thursday, 29 June 2023 07:41

Protecting Business Assets in the Digital Age

dangerous substances dangerous substances pixabay

There are a multitude of different threats to businesses all over the world, and knowing what these are certainly provides a little bit of protection. However, to ensure your business assets stay safe, you need more than just knowledge.


Security technology has come a long way in recent years, and it is time that you take full advantage of the protection that it can supply to your business and all of your assets.

#1 Protecting physical assets

Although there is a lot of focus on online security, you should not neglect your offline security measures. These are particularly important if you regularly have new employees, visitors, or guests on your business premises.

Threats from outside

No doubt you have areas of your business where you would not want members of the public wandering around. This can be due to having sensitive information, delicate machinery, or trade secrets happening in this area, or of course, it could be due to dangerous substances, large machinery, or excessive noise levels. Installing entry tech such as keycode, fingerprint, or retina readers will ensure that those with authorization will be able to enter.

Keep employees safe

The largest and most important asset your business has is its employees. You should endeavor to ensure their safety while they are on your site, either inside your buildings or on your grounds. You can deter any harmful criminal activity happening on your site by installing CCTV cameras.

When working out whereabouts to install them, you should make sure that their ranges overlap so that there aren’t any blind spots criminals can take advantage of. In order for your CCTV cameras to work well all around the clock, you should also install security lighting either as floodlights or as motion sensors. However, you will have to check regularly to see if these are actually working.

#2 Digital assets

A lot of modern-day criminals will happily perform their style of crime from the luxury of wherever they happen to be rather than put in the effort to actually visit the business that they are going to steal from.

Software and hardware

Of course, you can make this job a lot harder for cybercriminals by installing firewalls and up-to-date anti-virus software. However, it is crucial for your security measures that you purchase your firewalls and your anti-virus technology from well-established and trusted suppliers such as This is because they will be able to provide you with quality equipment and software while also being able to apply their in-depth knowledge and therefore answer your questions.

End user education

You will also have to train and educate your employees so that they understand how they could be targeted at work by hackers and cybercriminals. Having your employees acting as additional pairs of eyes could prevent a scam from causing damage or a cybercriminal from gaining access. Of course, you should also advise your employees on what is at stake should a cybercriminal gain access and provide them with a point of contact should they spot a scam or become an unwitting victim.