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Saturday, 16 July 2016 09:34

Austin Startup Eliminates Roaming Fees for Businesses

Local startup RambleGo is providing US companies with cost-saving roaming solutions for employees who travel internationally. RambleGo supplies secure local SIM cards and personal Wi-Fi hotspot devices for business travelers to stay connected abroad. Businesses will save 90% or more per trip compared to roaming charges – which can easily add up to thousands of dollars in savings.


US companies unnecessary spend $7.3 Billion on international roaming and Wi-Fi charges annually, a figure that will increase drastically as more organizations send employees abroad for business. RambleGo provides an innovative cost-reducing solution by supplying customized and preconfigured local SIM cards to ensure the lowest call and data rates and the best network speeds possible.

RambleGo recently announced that it has implemented technology to allow business travelers to retain their US number while abroad. This service allows travelers to receive all calls dialed to their US phone on their new SIM, allowing them to be reachable on both numbers and maximizing the amount of savings while eliminating any inconvenience.

RambleGo provides Wi-Fi hotspot devices that allow travelers to create their own personal hotspot and seamlessly connect up to 10 devices anywhere they travel, eliminating the need for connecting to local unsecured Wi-Fi networks. The company has established strong relationships with leading local operators worldwide and provides low-cost and high-speed voice and data coverage 45 countries – including all major business destinations.

About RambleGo

RambleGo was founded in early 2015 by two Austin residents who frequently traveled to Europe for work and consistently incurred expensive phone bills for international roaming. The company has formed close relationships with leading local operators worldwide and it currently provides voice and data coverage in 45 countries. Visit for more information and to order directly.