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Wednesday, 13 September 2023 16:26

What are the types of closures for cosmetics packaging?

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closures for cosmetics closures for cosmetics mat. prasowe

The cosmetic container closure is no less important than the bottle, jar, or other type of container. An airtight seal prevents the product from drying out, spilling, or losing its shelf life faster than suggested by the manufacturer. The lid of a cosmetic package also very often acts as a dispenser, which allows one to measure the exact amount of product. What types of closures for cosmetics exist on the market? Which lids will work best with different products and types of packaging?

Why are the cosmetic triggers important?

Cosmetics are products that usually contain precious ingredients that have beneficial effects on the skin, complexion, hair, or other areas of the body. When buying cosmetics, customers leave considerable money in perfumeries or drugstores and count on the fact that the specifics will serve them with the same effect from the opening of the package until the last portion is extracted from it.

With a view to maintaining impeccable durability and taking aesthetics into account, packaging for cosmetics is made of a variety of materials and decorated in countless ways. When designing a package, it is worth noting its finial, i.e., a suitable closure. It should not only match the style but also allow precise dispensing of the cosmetic and prolong its shelf life.

What are the types of closures for cosmetics?

The most popular types of closures for cosmetics like shampoos, shower gels, or body lotions are caps. They can come in the classic twist-off form or in two innovative types: disc top or flip top. The disc top cosmetics triggers allow one to conveniently open the product with one click, while the flip tops allow one to lift the closures cosmetics with one finger while showering or bathing.

Another type of closures cosmetics loved by customers is the pump. One press of the dispenser can correspond to receiving a specific portion of the product. The pump, unlike the cap, allows for efficient use of the bottles contents. The use of a pump prolongs the shelf life of the cosmetic, as it prevents it from weathering. Pumps can dispense cosmetics with an unchanged shelf life or, for example, change from liquid form to foam.

A very hygienic type of cosmetic packaging is airless dispensers. Airless dispensers prevent air and bacteria from entering the package from the outside. Closures with airless formulas are often used by manufacturers of foundations, light creams, or antibacterial gels.

Cosmetic triggers come in many different types. Its worth choosing a convenient yet secure closure that will convince customers to choose a product with their favorite type of lid again.

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