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Monday, 09 November 2020 17:32

Tactical vests – providing maximum protection

swimmer cut plate swimmer cut plate Source: Licencja:

The bulletproof vest has been the most popular way to protect against rounds from rifles and pistols for almost 120 years.

Although its main assumption remains unchanged, the technology in which bulletproof vests are made has advanced very much. Today, bulletproof vests are not clunky and heavy armor, but light, flexible body plates that are able to stop really powerful projectiles. How is a modern bulletproof vest constructed and how does it stop projectiles?

Lightness and maximum protection

Anyone who works as a soldier, policeman, patrol escort or security guard knows that a tactical vest is an essential element of equipment today. This vest not only protects the person wearing it, but also gives a significant tactical advantage due to the possibility of adapting such a vest to the necessary equipment. Thanks to this, tactical vests are a core element of equipment for both professionals and amateurs. One of the best-selling tactical vest models is Skeletec from Ace Link. This innovative and modern tactical vest is nothing like the old models of bulletproof vests, which were very heavy and restricted the movements of the person wearing it. Skeletec is the complete opposite of these archaic vests, because this model is constructed in such a way that it can be easily combined with various elements. The main element of protection are two panels, in the front and the back These innovative and effective hard armor plates are made of Polyethylene. They are distinguished by excellent durability, as well as incredible lightness, which means that the entire Skeletec vest does not block the movements of the person wearing it in any way. If the user wants even greater mobility, Ace Link offers a special type of panels, called the swimmer cut plates. As for the durability of this panel, it is in no way different from the standard panel. The only difference between these two panels is the shape. Swimmer cut is distinguished by a cut shape that adapts even better to the shape of the user's body, however, the surface of this panel is several percent smaller than its standard counterpart.

Ace Link, that is quality and effective protection against bullets

It is worth noting that Ace Link also offers special panels that are distinguished by very impressive durability. Of course, we are talking about the level 3 ceramic plates , which can stop projectiles with a diameter of 5.56 M855, M193 or 7.62×51. Such an innovative solution allows for maximum protection of vital organs, which makes the tactical vest very effective and functional. The growing interest in Ace Link products means that their vests can be seen more and more often among professionals as well as firearms enthusiasts.