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Thursday, 03 August 2017 11:31

Single Column Lifts

Modern technologies facilitating the performance of various activities can be noticed in practically every area of ​​our lives. This applies both to ordinary, everyday activities, as well as those relating to professional work. The most spectacular progress has been made in the development of the mechanics industry. Various types of robots, machines and vehicles make it much easier to complete tasks that were previously impossible or difficult to do in certain conditions.


A good example are column lifts, which are used by car mechanics every day in their workshops. Such lifts can be used where limited space does not allow for the construction of a traditional inspection pit. Depending on the model, column lifts can have a lifting capacity of up to several tonnes, which means a passenger car can be lifted using just one lift. A higher number of lifts would be needed for larger vehicles such as vans or buses. The added value of this kind of machine is that it is fully mobile, which means you can place it in the most convenient area for you.

Mobile column lifts are used primarily for chassis repairs. By lifting the car to the right height, the mechanic can easily check the condition of the vehicle and carry out repairs. The car can be set at practically any height, which is especially convenient if several people of different heights will be working on the car.

Such lifts are also suitable for wheel repair and replacement. Moreover, they can be used for various types of sheet metal work.

Manufacturers of column lifters do everything to ensure the safety of these machines, that is why each model has mechanical locks and overload valves. The arms are usually equipped with automatic locks, which reduces the risk of the arms sliding down.

Many manufacturers give customers the opportunity to purchase additional accessories that will greatly enhance the functionality of the lifts and protect them against damage and dirt. It is possible to buy special covers for protecting the lifts against atmospheric factors if they are used outdoors, or against dust or dirt in the repair shop.