The Tower of London - stronghold for her Royal line.

Great Britain is how we know with monarchy. Queen Elizabeth from Windsor's given birth in 1926 in London is already governing this country from 1953. One from the most forming a relationship with the monarchy Tower is a building of London.

Tower of London rose to the order of Wilhelm I for the conqueror in 1066 of year and was supposed to serve for the defence against people. This building soon was replaced with the White Tower and was completed about 1100 of year. Until today the White Tower constitutes the main central place in the London stronghold. How we know a Richard of the Lion's Heart continued the further Tower expansion (from 1189 of year). Importing exotic animals to Tower is a curiosity - this tradition lasted about 600 years. Unfortunately Tower magnificence of London ended during the civil war in 1377 of year. Tower of London was converted into the prison. There many masters died, not mentioning already ordinary subjects. They were the most well-knows prisoners: Thomas More, Queen Elizabeth I, bishop John Fisher. For wall of heads and the prison caused well-knows people, that Tower of London gained the legend of ghosts. According to legends at night it is possible there to meet Ann Boleyn. As many could see her from cut with head which she carried in hands. Next there are ravens which are announcing it from legends, that the stronghold will come down how ravens will be missing. At present a museum is located in a Stronghold. We are inviting to touring and deeper getting to know the dark history of this place.