See Titanic remains in the depths of the sea

Titanic history is good worldwide. Concept of structure of this ship came into existence in spring of 1907, and was implemented by the White Star Line company. Edward John Smith became a skipper of this huge ship, captain with long-standing experience.

Titanic was built in the year of 1911, as the innovative technical design, in establishing very much safe. He was supposed to reach speeds about 1-2 knots smaller than competitive transatlantic liners, adding it with luxury and the quality of the finish. Titanic was supposed to offer luxury on the north Atlantic nobody until now could see which. Passenger cabins surpassed in terms of the workmanship and the decor every on any other ship. The first class, apart from ordinary cabins, offered luxury suites set up in various styles (among others of Empire, Ludwik's XIV, XV, XVI, Anna's Queen, old and new-Dutch) and colour variants. A lot it had separate dressing rooms, and for the bigger price at passenger's disposal private toilet stayed. Into the line-up of two most luxury complexes of luxury apartments aboard private living rooms and promenades accessed B. Titanic also entirely established new standards of the carriage of passengers of the steerage. His large front first-class stairwell was a visiting card of the Titanic splendour. She descended from the boat deck to the deck E, for her large eye bright decorated the vault of the white booze. See, how now remains are longing for Titanic which sank at night from 14 on 15 April 1912, taking in sea depths of over 1500 persons.