The strangest buildings in the world

Worldwide we can see pearls of architecture. Palais Ideal is one of unusual buildings du Facteur Cheval for Franko, palace being a blend of different styles, dating back from the Bible until the mythology with Hindu. The palace was built by one person of the postman which devoted 33 years for creating him.

Next building, Contemporary Art Museum, high 16 meters and the project having 50 meters of the diameter resembling to the UFO the ship. Inside a Museum of the Art is being housed, collecting XX-age work of Brazilian. Next Habitat 67 located in Canada, folding contemporary the building up took the place oneself from 354 concrete modules connected with oneself which the height reaches 12 floors. 26 February 2009 Habitat 67 was recognized by the ministry of the culture of the province Quebec behind a historic building.
Unusual building, it also registered office of the American producer of both the distributor of baskets and other products home. The building has a shape of the gigantic basket.
Also, a Dance is an example of an extraordinary architectural style House in Prague. Designed by Vlado Milunia and of Franek Gehry'ego the building is looking like dancing steam. China can also show the unusual Gate building off of the Orient. This tower block is high 990 feet and I am in business part of Suzhou cities. As the highest building in the urbanized area he constitutes a landmark. See, the next strangest buildings in the world.