The most beautiful castles in the world

See, where the best castles are located in the world. On our list Bojnice Castle, being on Slovakia, romantic is first built castle in 12 of age. Surrounded by the castle park, he is frequented by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, as well as is a popular place for whirling of fairy tales and fantasy films.

Saumur Castle on the Loire is a next place located in France. The Castle was built 10 of age. At present I am in his walls Museum of the horse riding (Cadre Noir) moving the history of the horse riding closer from ancient times, to this day. Eltz Castle, located in Germany is a next unusual place in the Eifel area. He is one of important examples of perpendicular secular architecture in Germany, constitutes one of tourist attractions most often visited in Rhineland. On the list Hluboka Castle is next, sublime purpose of trips after noon. The lock owes its current figure to the family Schwarzenberg's and they often talk about it as about the most beautiful Czech castle. Peles Castle was on the sixth place, ancient summer residence of king of Romania, built in 19 of age. At present here a museum of the weapon and piece of broken glasses are found. The fifth place is falling to Kilkenny Castle, i.e. the Irish lock from 12 of age. Furniture is in a castle from the age, images on walls what allows feeling the spirit of those times. See remaining unusual castles.