Get to know remarkable Dubai

Dubai became well-known in the world thanks to incredibly brave and modern building projects. Ultra modern architecture, famous tower blocks (e.g. Emirates Towers), or the highest hotel in the world, these are visiting cards of this unusual city.

Extraordinary abilities of Dubai appreciate large firms on the local market creating innovative projects on the water of Islands Palms, The World and on the Dubai land Marina, Burdga Chalifa, the Bay Business and Dubailand.
However, Dubai, it not only thriving architecture, but also numerous attractions attracting tourists annually from the entire world. With one of enormous Arabic undertakings of sheikhs there are Palm Islands, three huge, artificial islands are being placed in the Dubai. Island coast from the trunk, of crown formed from 16 leaves and long to 11 kilometres of breakwater knead I am. The Dubai Mall shopping centre the largest in the most world, shops are attracting tourists with diversity of luxury goods.
Here many world sports events are also held among others Dubai Tennis Championships, Dubai Desert Classic (golf championship) and annual race of Dubai World horses thwack, in the world of amount 15 which m of dollars offers the biggest prize. An opera is being built in the city on an island, dynamically a Madinat Theatre works, one of theatres best and the most besieged including region. Dubai is investing a lot of money in the development of airports. An expansion is an idea Dubai of air transport so that passengers from every city in the world can arrive straight to Dubai.