Coronation of the Queen of Elisabeth II

Everyone we know Queen Elizabeth II. For 62 years she is ruling in Great Britain. She is also a head of Northern Ireland, Australia, Barbados, Belizee, Bahamas, Antigui and Barbuda, of Grenada, Jamaica, Canada, Papui-Nowa of Guinea, New Zealand, Saint Lucia, Tavalu and other. For the Queen Filip is a husband - year given birth in 1921.

This interesting marriage held out until our times. What's interesting Filip at the beginning didn't inspire the confidence of Elizabeth parents and they were against their connection. However, even sending Elizabeth to Africa didn't manage to break this connection. With time Elizabeth slowly took over duties of the father being failing in health. She travelled widely and got to know future subjects. During the stay in Kenya she learns about the death of the father of Jerry Vi. She was pronounced the queen 7 February 1952, but the coronation were held 2 June 1953. The coronation was held in a Westminster Abbey. As many as 7 thousand persons arrived at it. We can see the entire coronation at the film attached to the article. After the excellent coronation Queen along with Filip moved to the Buck House. The queen very much likes the lock Windsor under London, and Holyrrood House in Edinburgh. How we know the Queen and the Prince Filip farther they are enjoying the health and successfully are governing many states.