Liverpool is a city laid on the coast of north England. He is a known industrial centre and one of the most important port centre. The city has not only rich history, but also the diverse cultural base. Everyone are associating Liverpool with the known The Beatles team in 60-tych years the musical market won which heart.

Everyone we know Queen Elizabeth II. For 62 years she is ruling in Great Britain. She is also a head of Northern Ireland, Australia, Barbados, Belizee, Bahamas, Antigui and Barbuda, of Grenada, Jamaica, Canada, Papui-Nowa of Guinea, New Zealand, Saint Lucia, Tavalu and other. For the Queen Filip is a husband - year given birth in 1921.

Great Britain is how we know with monarchy. Queen Elizabeth from Windsor's given birth in 1926 in London is already governing this country from 1953. One from the most forming a relationship with the monarchy Tower is a building of London.

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