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Wednesday, 13 May 2015 18:40

Exploring the Ski Slopes of La Rosiere On Family Adventure Holidays

Family adventure holidays and skiing are a match made in heaven. Check out the resort of La Rosiere for somewhere new to explore on skis. Whether for beginner, intermediate or advanced skills, skiing is something that those of all ages and abilities can enjoy together - which is why it is a popular choice for family adventure holidays.

From the UK, some of the world’s best skiing is just a short flight away, and many excellent resorts can provide the perfect base for fabulous family adventure holidays.

La Rosiere Ski Resort

Located on the Italian border, La Rosiere is a resort that, despite its purpose built appearance, is much smaller and quieter than many of its more flashy neighbours. This makes it an ideal base for family adventure holidays - especially for those travelling with small children.

The original village was built in the 1960s, but the newer developments, such as Les Eucherts, where most of the facilities are found, are a welcome addition. Ski lifts from La Rosiere connect it to the village of La Thuile, which is over the border in Italy. This means you can enjoy a typical French coffee and pastry in the morning, followed by an authentic pizza for lunch in Italy - there are not many resorts that can boast that!

Skiing in this area is suitable for everyone, and for beginners there are several ski schools and a huge range of easy slopes ideal for learning. Close to the resort, the beginner areas are very convenient and relaxed, and there is a ‘no pressure’ approach to the etiquette on the slopes. Beginners even have the luxury of three free ski lifts, so for younger children embarking on ski-based family adventure holidays for the first time, there is no need to buy an expensive lift pass. The resort is an exceptional place to learn to ski.

If you have an intermediate skier in the family, they will relish the idea that most of the terrain in the area is suited to them. The long connection over into Italy is manageable for intermediates and is a very rewarding experience. (The skiing in the Italian Aosta Valley treats you to some very pretty tree-lined runs.) Make sure, though, if you do venture into Italy, that you leave plenty of time to get back - as once the lifts close, transport by road can be costly. Of course, you can simply choose to stay in La Rosiere and enjoy the open, sunny slopes of the resort.

Advanced skiers may not find as much here as in other larger ski areas, but there are still more than 15 black runs and you can hire a mountain guide for some off-piste action. The toughest ski slope here is probably the Franco Berthod piste, which is more than two miles long and made up of some pretty challenging terrain.

For those who want to learn the art of snowboarding on family adventure holidays – or improve on existing skills - La Rosiere is a very boarder-friendly place. The relaxed atmosphereFree Articles, great snow park and the boardercross course make it very amenable to anyone wishing to try their hand at the sport.

Why not escape the crowds and head to La Rosiere? You'll be glad you did!