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Wednesday, 30 November 2022 15:55

Where and why should you use brick cladding systems?

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More and more people appreciate the look of brick cladding in their spaces and want to add this material to their homes. Do you want to know why brick seems so popular nowadays, and where can you use it for your own benefit? Read on and find out!


The benefits of brick cladding UK

Why do people choose brick cladding for their homes? The list of benefits is pretty long. Bricks have been used in the construction business for centuries now, as they’re one of the most durable materials you can pick. Extreme weather conditions such as rain, wind, snow and UV rays are not harmful to them, so they can be used outside of the building as well. Because of their fireproof qualities, they often are installed in kitchens or around fireplaces. The versatility of brick cladding is truly impressive, and so is its decorative potential. Another benefit? They're low-maintenance! Bricks don’t require a lot of attention or care from you and are quite easy to clean, which means they will be a good investment for the future. Of course, brick cladding systems can be employed not only for domestic projects but for bigger developments as well. Hotels, restaurants, bars, offices and blocks of flats are just a few of the places where this material has been installed successfully for years now.

Where can you use brick cladding?

Bricks will work both inside and outside of your building. You can use this versatile material in any area of your house - kitchen, hall, or living room. More homeowners choose to add cladding in their bedrooms, and even bathrooms too, in order to create a more industrial and modern feeling. Of course, you can employ a brick cladding system not only on the facade of your home but in other outside areas too. How about using it to form flower beds and low brick walls in your back garden? Or matching the brick finish on your house with a garage made of the same material? The options are almost limitless!

How to choose the perfect brick cladding system?

One of the main advantages of using brick cladding for your project is the impressive amount of available models. You can choose from hundreds of different versions that have various colours, textures, sizes and designs. Because of the wide range of options, finding the perfect solution for your project shouldn’t be a problem. Do you love polished and sleek looks? Then go for modern and sleek brick slips, which will bring elegance to any interior. And if you prefer a more rustic and vintage design, then select cladding made from reclaimed bricks. This version is well-loved for its uniqueness - you won’t find two pieces that look the same, so it’s a perfect choice if you value one-of-a-kind designs. 

So which brick cladding system will you reach for while designing your own property?