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Wednesday, 23 November 2016 14:42

Vertu Audio Collection

The Vertu Audio Collection is the new, high-performance, contemporary lifestyle audio range from Vertu, the English manufacturer of luxury mobile phones. The two-piece collection comprises state-of-the art headphones and a powerful wireless speaker.

Vertu continues its tradition of combining craftsmanship and fine luxury materials, such as British-sourced leather and aircraft-grade aluminium, with leading technology and stunning acoustic performance for its inaugural audio collection.

Massimiliano Pogliani, Vertu’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “Over the last 15 years, Vertu has become expert in mobile audio, working on a range of innovations that ensure perfect call clarity and speaker performance for each of our devices. The move into audio products is a natural extension of this expertise. Our new audio range is designed to work in harmony with our high-performance smartphones, enabling our customers to enjoy our exceptional sound performance beyond our mobile devices, into the home, office or when socialising and travelling. The range is also compatible with non-Vertu devices, allowing others to enjoy a Vertu acoustic experience.”

“The Vertu sound-scape is sophisticated and energetic, balancing powerful base with top end clarity and sparkle. The acoustic profile has been engineered to work perfectly across our devices and tuned for comfortable listening over extended periods.

This concept of comfortable audio performance extends to the ergonomics, as well as the acoustics, of the V Headphones. They are super lightweight, utilising aircraft grade aluminium and natural calf leather to deliver a cosseting user experience that frees you from distraction and enables you to be absorbed by the music.”

He continued, “As you would expect, the contemporary design of our headphones and wireless speaker embodies the values intrinsic to Vertu - craftsmanship and fine materials, coupled with extraordinary performance. The collection has been custom-tuned specifically with our customers in mind, to Vertu’s indisputably high standards, so that it delivers a sophisticated and high-energy listening experience. The Vertu Audio Collection is designed to instantly pair with Vertu smartphones however the Vertu Wireless speaker also connects with today’s most popular Bluetooth devices allowing new customers to experience the Vertu brand.”

The Vertu Audio Collection is powerful yet deliberately compact so it’s convenient for use at home or when travelling. Both the headphones and speaker come with a stylish, quilted pouch which offers protection whilst on the move or a beautiful storage solution for every day.

V Headphones (HP-1V)

Vertu believes that a good headphone requires a precision balance between outright audio performance and design, including ergonomics. The V Headphones are proudly tuned and rigorously tested in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. They have been designed with a focus on extraordinary performance, luxury fit and optimum size, to offer customers a near perfect blend of attributes.

Delivering a highly immersive experience, the advanced speaker drivers of the Vertu Headphones are custom-designed to sit parallel to the ear. This angle, combined with the ported construction, enhances the quality of audio throughout the frequency range, producing a natural sound character that delivers crisp details, a deep bass extension and a wide sound stage.

The around and over-ear design of the headphones features a ‘closed-back’ system, which provides passive noise-cancellation for superior sound staging and a more personal audio experience.

The Vertu Headphones are crafted from fine materials, selected not only for their beauty, but also their functionality. Constructed from a single billet of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium, the headphones are elegant yet extremely strong and durable.

The detachable cushions are formed from high-quality memory foam and encased in hand stitched, British-sourced lambs leather for a custom fit and first class finish. The cushions mould to the user’s contours for increased comfort and, when coupled with the exceptionally low clamp force of the headphones, create a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The V Headphones are available in stores now, priced from £490.

V Speaker (SP-1V)

The V Speaker is a high-performance audio and hands-free calling device with room-filling power, fine-tuned with the meticulous precision Vertu is renowned for.

Connecting seamlessly with today’s popular Bluetooth devices, as well as featuring instant ‘one-tap’ pairing with Vertu Smartphones and other NFC enabled devices, the user-experience is effortless.

The custom-designed kevlar speakers deliver a perfect blend of powerful bass, an open sound stage and carefully balanced clarity and detail. The Vertu audio sound character has been curated by an in-house team of audio experts and world renowned audio specialists, specifically with Vertu customers in mind, to deliver a sophisticated and flawless, luxury, audio experience.

Made from a single billet of aircraft-grade aluminium, the V Speaker combines traditional Vertu design cues with a fresh and contemporary twist, from the elegant dual-diamond cut and brushed finish on the face of the speaker to the debossed calf leather buttons. The result is a design that is discreet and understated.

The V Speaker is available in stores now, priced from £400.ours.