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Wednesday, 23 December 2020 10:19

Can plastic stop ammunition?

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With the evolution of firearms, various methods of protection against ammunition are also developing. This natural arms race has been going on for millennia and there is no sign that it will stop.

The invention of firearms gave weapons a very strong advantage over armor, but the situation changed dramatically when the bulletproof vest was patented. These have changed over the past decades to take the form of tactical vests today. What are such vests and how do they protect their wearer?

Low weight, maximum protection – the secret to the success of tactical vests 

Until now, bulletproof vests have been associated mainly with a heavy weight and metal or Kevlar plates. Nowadays, tactical vests are leading the way, replacing their heavy and bulky predecessors. Moreover, the approach to what is supposed to protect the user has completely changed. The pioneers of this industry have rightly noticed that metal panels only put a lot of strain on the entire vest. Therefore, they started experimenting with various materials that would just as effectively hold a projectile, but would not weigh as much as metal. It turned out that protective panels made of thousands of thin layers of plastic (in some cases with the addition of ceramics) are able to stop projectiles very effectively. Tactical vests and soft armor began to provide not only the highest level of safety, but also mobility, which is extremely important during combat or performance of official duties. Today tactical vests and soft armor have become the norm, as they are used not only by uniformed services, but also by the army and special forces.

What projectiles can the tactical vest stop?

One of the incredible advantages of the tactical vest is its versatility and modularity. Such a vest is fully personalized, so everyone can adapt it to their individual needs. Tactically, this is extremely important because sometimes you need a pouch with additional ammunition, and sometimes you will need a backpack for additional equipment. The tactical vest also gives a lot of room to maneuver when it comes to the type and degree of protection. Interchangeable armor plates allow to increase or decrease what a tactical vest can hold. One of the industry leaders is the brand Ace Link. Their panels are produced in 4 different types. Level I protects against pistol ammunition, while the highest level IV is capable of stopping even a .30-06 APM2 shell.

It is worth noting that tactical vests with replaceable protective panels are now standard both in the army and uniformed services, as well as among amateurs of firearms. When choosing tactical vests and protective panels, it is worth trusting Ace Link, which enjoys an excellent reputation.