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Wednesday, 06 November 2019 18:05

What to look for when isolating external walls

You don't know how to make your property warm and cozy even on winter evenings? Even constantly switched on heating does not guarantee the satisfaction of the household members, and only generates unbelievably high costs. If you are wondering how to insulate a house, consider insulating the outside walls so that the heat stays inside the building and the cold days will stop being a nuisance

. Insulation of external walls will allow the owner to save even very high sums during the year. Carefully made insulation will not allow large amounts of heat to get outside the building walls. However, for the thermomodernization to proceed quickly and without errors, it is worth paying attention to several important aspects, such as the choice of materials or the method of insulation of external walls. All decisions should be made individually, taking into account the properties of the walls and the owner's preferences, so do not rush - you should carefully consider each aspect and determine your needs.


Choosing the best company

As with any task that we intend to outsource, you should think carefully about the selection of professionals entrusted with the insulation of our home. The most important is the staff experience. The opinions of previous customers are able to really verify the quality of the company's previous work. Before making a final decision, it is worth looking for information on the Internet or among friends who previously decided to insulate external walls. Experience is a guarantee of high quality services. Appropriate selection of specialists determines whether thermomodernization will be carried out correctly. The company should also offer possible EWI repairs and maintenance, which even if carried out flawlessly, may simply wear out after some time. The best professionals will also be able to help their client and dispel any doubts. It happens that additional permits are needed when insulating external walls, which is not always realized by property owners. A proven company should know the regulations and be able to tell its client what documents must be prepared before starting work. Therefore, every company that offers insulation of external walls should have an idea about their work and transfer their knowledge to the owner of the building, who wants the highest quality services.

Proven and solid materials

Insulation of external walls is a process that must be preceded by the establishment of several details. First of all, you need to opt for insulation material. Many people, after consulting a company that deals with the insulation of external walls, decide on insulation boards. They require much less work than mineral wool, which attaches to walls much longer. After installation, the panels should be reinforced using high-performance plasters. They are available in many colors, which will allow you to finish the house according to the preferences of the owners. Some still prefer traditional solutions, such as polystyrene. This relatively inexpensive way of insulating exterior walls is not complicated to install for specialists who are able to insulate a house very quickly with the use of foam. Depending on the type of polystyrene, you can meet with a different heat transfer coefficient, so you can adjust the type of raw material to your needs. But how do you determine how thick insulation will be perfect for your building?

The thickness of the material used to insulate the external walls

Before starting the thermomodernization process, the homeowner must decide what thickness of insulation he needs to maintain the right temperature in buildings. The easiest way is to determine what the building was built from and what heat transfer material has. If we want to be more accurate, you can also use the services of an audit company. After conducting it, the owner will know the exact heat transfer coefficient of the walls, which will allow him to choose the thickness of insulation. Insulating external walls is a great way to control your family budget. Its installation will allow the owner to save money that he would have to spend on heating an uninsulated house. Building insulation is therefore an extremely profitable investment for years, which, however, requires flawless assembly, possible repairs and maintenance of EWI.

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