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Wednesday, 10 February 2021 15:27

Renovating an old sideboard is not difficult

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The old sideboard bought somewhere in second-hand stores or received "from grandma" can be the decoration of any kitchen or living room.

However, sometimes such furniture is not in the best condition. Of course, it is not surprising, because the passage of time and the use of furniture does its job. The condition of the furniture deteriorates. However, such furniture can be easily renewed.


Checking the condition of the furniture

At the beginning, you need to check the exact condition of the furniture. Damaged elements should be replaced. Detached items, such as pieces of veneer or once fashionable oilcloth attached with glue, simply tear them off. Also look at less visible parts of the furniture for parts that need to be reglued.

Furniture accessories

First, it's a good idea to replace the furniture accessories of such a piece of furniture. Install new drawer slides, change the furniture hinges in the cabinet doors. You may also decide to replace the furniture handles. Before installing these items, however, it is worth looking at the furniture and deciding whether it is for painting or not. If it is to paint, installation of these elements before painting does not make any sense. It is better to install such elements after painting the furniture.

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Many pieces of furniture of this type require painting. At first, of course, all elements to be painted must be sanded down with sandpaper, or fill in the gaps in the furniture. Later, depending on your decision, you can choose to varnish the furniture with a clear coat or paint it in a specific color. When painting in a particular color, you have to reckon with the necessity of painting it two or three times.

Thus prepared and painted furniture can be placed in a chosen place. It is advisable that it serves as a place to store practical as well as decorative things. An example here may be an unusual tableware. Wine glasses or decorative glass are also nicely presented behind the glass of such furniture. In lockable cabinets you can, of course, store any things. Of course, their weight is important. If you have delicate shelves, you should avoid storing things that weigh many kilograms.


There are people who decide to illuminate such furniture. The decision should, however, be supported by thought, because if it is a nice old sideboard, backlighting can improve the appearance of the furniture or simply spoil it. A badly chosen backlighting may give the impression of an element that does not fit into the whole.

It is worth deciding on the renovation of such furniture. This is an easy and pleasant work. The effect of the finished work will undoubtedly be delightful, and the restored sideboard will become a decoration of the apartment or house for years.

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