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Monday, 24 August 2020 13:35

Disinfectants – fighting effectively against COVID-19

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COVID-19 appeared unexpectedly and within just a few weeks it spread around the whole world. The pandemic has led most countries in the world to enforce a lockdown in order to protect their citizens from the new, unknown virus.

Preventive measures in the form of masks, protective gloves and sanitizers have become essential products, therefore the demand for this type of assortment has increased drastically.

Why is using a hand sanitizer so important?

Viruses, bacteria and pathogens are most often transmitted by droplets or by touching a surface touched by an infected person. This is exactly how the coronavirus is transmitted, which is why citizens of all countries in the world are systematically informed about the importance of maintaining hygiene rules to avoid infection. After many months of fighting the COVID-19 virus, we know that the most effective defense is systematic and regular hand washing, because the virus is very effectively transmitted through touch. All we need to do is touch a button in the elevator that an infected person had touched 5 minutes earlier. If we then touch the area of the mouth or eyes, we will most likely get infected ourselves. Therefore, in all public places, such as shops, cinemas, theaters, shopping malls, places of religious worship, hand sanitizers are made available so you can disinfect your hands whenever you enter such a place. These are preventive measures that make the coronavirus spread slower. Hand disinfection with appropriate agents completely eliminates viruses, germs and pathogens from the surface of your hands, which is why such hand disinfection is necessary today to stay healthy and not get infected. It is also extremely important to disinfect and wash your hands immediately after returning home, because your hands are in constant contact with surfaces where the coronavirus may be present.

Where can you buy a hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizers are available in every major drugstore, however, it is worth checking online stores, such as staples.dk - https://www.staples.dk/desinficerende-og-specialvask/cbk/50.html . The store has a very wide range of disinfecting products and they are available at very attractive prices. Therefore, purchasing a hand sanitizer at staples.dk is an extremely cost-effective investment that is necessary these days.
More information about the store and its products can be found at - https://www.staples.dk/desinficerende-og-specialvask/cbk/50.html.


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