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Monday, 07 June 2021 17:30

A lightweight vest that will protect you from 30-06 ammunition!

level iv plates level iv plates Source: unsplash.com License: https://unsplash.com/license

The title of this article may be surprising to all those who are associated with the military community or are amateurs of firearms.

Modern technological development has reached such a point that today's protective vests are able to stop even such large projectiles as .30-06. Discover the amazing properties of tactical vests!


A tactical vest – armor that ensures safety

The main task of any armor is to effectively stop projectiles that could damage vital organs. Chest protection is particularly important because the vast majority of fatal shots are to the torso. The heart, liver, lungs and aorta are crucial to our life and their damage can actually reduce (if not immediately deprive) the chance of survival of an injured person. Bulletproof vests that have been used over the last decades were mainly characterized by heavy weight, which made movements quite difficult. A lack of freedom of movement during combat operations can be catastrophic, especially in the event of a heavy firefight that requires quick and decisive responses. Therefore, a lighter alternative was sought. Tactical vests are nowadays the most frequently chosen form of armor, because they provide surprisingly high protection, combined with light weight and minimal restriction of movement.

A vest that will stop the M1 Grand

The .30-06 caliber is considered a powerful and lethal projectile. Rounds of this caliber are used in rifles such as the Winchester Model 70 Super, the Springfield M1903, and the iconic M1 Grand. These bullets penetrate the body like through butter, so protection against such a caliber is not easy at all. The more surprising is the fact that a tactical vest with replaceable protective plates is able to stop such large and strong projectiles. Of course, we are talking about level iv plates made by Ace Link. These plates are able to stop rifle projectiles such as the .30-06, as evidenced by numerous ballistic tests. What's more, these plates do not restrict movement, making them an ultimate combination of excellent protection and flexibility of movement.

The great capabilities of tactical vests

The tactical vest is able to protect against such a large caliber as the .30-06, but its main advantage is the wide possibility of customization. Thanks to this, it is possible to equip the vest with exactly the plates that a given person needs. Soft armor plates protecting against .357 SIG and 44 Magnum rounds are very popular. It is worth noting that the tactical vest can be personalized in any way, not only in terms of protective plates, but also additional accessories such as pouches or pockets for equipment.

Tactical vests are a completely new approach to protective armor. That is why they are so popular today both among professional soldiers and uniformed services, as well as all amateurs of firearms.


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