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Monday, 22 February 2021 14:21

Modern equipment of a mushroom growing farm - what does it include?

modern mushroom growing farm equipment modern mushroom growing farm equipment

Modern equipment of a mushroom growing farm, consisting of high-quality machines and devices, made of the best components, meeting all technical requirements is synonymous with a prosperous and profitable mushroom growing farm.

It's a very demanding business that never stands still. In order for an investment in a mushroom growing farm to be successful, you should know which parts of the mushroom growing farm equipment are the most important and what parameters to pay attention to when choosing them.


Mushroom growing farm shelving

Top-quality mushroom growing farm shelving should be made to size, based on the size of the harvest, of aluminum that does not corrode. This material additionally reflects light, which guarantees its proper dispersion in the growing rooms, which in turn increases the quality of the harvest. Such shelving is characterized by high durability and resistance, which makes it possible to buy them once for the entire life of the mushroom growing farm.

Growing nets

Growing nets are used for pulling the compost onto the shelves of the shelving and pulling it out after usage. Good quality net will ensure proper airflow, does not pull out or narrow, is resistant to damage if operated as intended. Such nets are able to serve to the full extent of their properties for up to 15 years.

Mushroom picking lorries

Used in the most popular shelving system, the mushroom picking lorries are an element that you can’t save on. By choosing high quality, well-selected, ergonomic mushroom picking lorries, we can pick more, in the same unit of time, with less staff. And so, we harvest more, saving time and money.

Lighting of a mushroom growing farm

Mushroom growing farm lamps that meet the IP68 waterproofness condition are suitable for use in mushroom farms which use a type of disinfection in the form of room evaporation. Well-selected, high quality lamps work seamlessly, without servicing and continuous replacement, not generating additional costs.

Mushroom watering system

The automated system mounted under the shelves of the shelving allows optimized watering of mushrooms throughout their growing period. It guarantees precise irrigation and sufficient water per square meter of harvest, so that we attain homogeneity of the yield.

Climate control

Climate control allows you to control all stages of mushroom growth. By choosing a medium or high-quality climate control system, we attain higher yields and homogeneity of harvest. While maintaining the highest quality of the mushroom, we save on ventilation, heating and cooling.

Growing tunnel covers

Growing tunnel covers made of good materials are a guarantee of reliability and long service life from 10 to 15 years and more. We don’t have to fear penetration, damage through weather conditions or hole formation.

Mushroom scales

Battery-powered mushroom scales are the best choice. For a good price we get a precise device, made of stainless components, easy to clean, fully economical and portable. Ideal for any mushroom growing farm.

Mushroom picking knives

Buying a good quality mushroom picking knife is an expense of about a dozen zlotys. At this price we get a sufficiently long durability, very long work without potential damage to the handle and blade, resistance to abrasion and in case of fall and appropriate profiling which accelerates mushroom picking.

Only by investing in high-quality, modern mushroom growing farm equipment you can pick more mushrooms, while reducing production and harvesting costs, without the need for continuous servicing of equipment, thus saving time and earning more. This is why it is so important to have a suitable machinery park and equipment from a proven manufacturer GROWTIME, which offers only reliable, top quality, mushroom growing farm equipment that meets all relevant standards.