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Monday, 04 January 2021 10:56

Linkedin resume writers

Best Cheap Resume Writing Service Best Cheap Resume Writing Service

Many people think that a resume and a LinkedIn profile are the same things. Often on LinkedIn, they insert information from a summary - and they believe that the job is done. If you think so too, it's time to change your mind.

Employers want more from a LinkedIn profile and professional resume, and LinkedIn writers. - Best Cheap Resume Writing Service.

Usually, a recruiter gets to know the candidate (even before the meeting) in this order:

  • first summary

  • then a profile on LinkedIn and other social networks

The recruiter looks for the most critical information in the resume: about the applicant's qualifications and experience, his strongest sides.

If the applicant is impressive, the recruiter will try to find more information: on the Internet, on social networks, and LinkedIn in particular. If he sees the same thing on LinkedIn as on his resume, he will be somewhat disappointed.

Therefore, today we decided to give you the top 12 tips on becoming a professional resume writers LinkedIn.

  1. Personalize your profile URL:

LinkedIn allows you to change the appearance of your profile URL. You can use your first and last name instead of the standard link assigned by LinkedIn. This link looks more attractive and can be easily embedded in the resume.

  1. Complete your profile 100%

LinkedIn's internal algorithm promotes 100% completed profiles higher in the rankings. That is why it is important to enter information in all sections, including "Education" and "Interests." Insert only relevant information that reflects your professional qualities and experience, making your profile more attractive to potential employers.

  1. Take a professional photo.

Linkedin resume writers can and should add a photo to your LinkedIn profile. However, it must be a suitable quality medium or close-up shot. If possible, the picture should reflect your activity field, and you should look friendly on it.

  1. Optimize your tagline

LinkedIn algorithms test your headline (the line below your first and last name) to match your query. It's essential to use keywords that hiring professionals might be looking for. These can be job titles, areas of ​​expertise, critical skills.

  1. Summary

Let's imagine that the recruiter is interested and decides to read your complete summary. Info on LinkedIn should be more than on a resume because many employers come here for more information. Remember, this is not a resume, but a professional social network, so a little personal color does not hurt: tell us about your interests and passion for what you do or want to do.

  1. Describe the results, not the process

In the "Experience" section, it is essential to indicate not what your position assumed but what you could achieve. Remember, the result is more important than the process. Digital indicators look best here.

  1. Skills recommendation and validation

Professional recommendations from colleagues, managers, clients about your work are the best confirmation of professionalism that you can provide to a potential employer. To write the "Skills" section, be guided by the keywords and phrases that employers indicate in vacancies.

  1. Showcase your achievements

Add up-to-date information to the Achievements section: publications, projects, courses, and volunteer experiences.

  1. Use keywords

Keyword use is crucial throughout the resume, not just in the heading under your name and surname. This will allow hiring professionals to find you.

  1. Blogging

LinkedIn is kindly providing a platform for publishing full articles. They are displayed in the user profile and the contact feed of the first circle.

  1. Join groups

If you are a group member, you can send messages to users who are not associated with you. Therefore, join the profile communities and be active in them.

  1. Interact

Interacting with existing connections shows your contacts or reminds them of your profile regularly. All you need to do is like or comment on the post.

General information about resumes

The term "resume" comes to us from the Latin language. In translation it means "biography. If we go into the essence of this document, the transcription really fits as well as possible. It really describes practically his whole life: education, work experience, marital status, relations with past employers, personal qualities and characteristics, completed projects, and so on. In this document, the applicant should fit as much important information as possible, while keeping it short and specific, as well as some tacit requirements for filling it in.