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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 13:17

How to prepare a good multimedia presentation?

Although multimedia presentations can be prepared by anyone, many people still make the same mistakes. Copying information from the Internet, pasting it onto individual slides and setting the default font will not be enough to be transparent and achieve your goals.

Devoting a few minutes to raising awareness will certainly translate into the quality of the following speeches. Because it is all about speaking - this is the first point!

Good presentation - the most important features

Less text!

The main purpose of a presentation is not to convey information, but to interact with information. A good presentation contains only as much text as it can help us to recreate the main threads. We usually develop them from memory, in the form of knowledge or anecdotes provided to the recipients. This is very important - the presentation should not consist of a text that we read out loud. It is much more interesting to include photos, tables, charts, videos and all the other files that illustrate the word and content you want to convey.

Carefully with colours

Important features of a good presentation are legibility and aesthetics. The use of ready-made colour templates rarely favours the presentation. Of course, everything depends on the circumstances - a presentation on graphics or abstract artistic forms has a greater right to an avant-garde form than, for example, the presentation of contemporary theories on e-commerce in Polish business. Usually, however, let's use neutral colours and standard style - the white background, although it seems classic, is a determinant of professionalism. At the same time, it guarantees transparency, which should be a priority value.

Always legal

If we rely on statistics, research, quotations and theories, it is an obvious necessity to state the sources. However, many people still forget about it. Information about the titles of books or reports used can be put in one place, at the end of a presentation or under a particular slide, which is based on this source. The form is arbitrary - the most important thing is to simply accept it! It is similar with every use of film or photography - not only do we give its source, but we also make sure that it comes from a legal source.

Preparation time

In preparing a good presentation, it is crucial that you take the time to do so. Specialists recommend that you put away your computer and construct a draft version of the presentation on a sheet of paper. Of course, this is more difficult. But it results in positive ideas and reduction of material, thanks to which we will realise more quickly what is really important, what to look for, what to focus on.

Starting working on a presentation right away at the computer inhibits creativity. Working with a piece of paper initially takes the form of either great emptiness or great chaos. However, if we go through this initial phase, we have a chance to produce a very concrete content. This content will influence the quality and acceptance of the presentation. If you don't approve of working without a computer, let's first prepare an inspiration folder on the desktop, from which, after some time, we will choose the most important things.

More information

You can find more information at website's sales presentation app Crescendo - check it!