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Thursday, 03 October 2019 15:09

How to keep your website user engaged?

Web design company Web design company

Company websites are becoming something more than just ordinary showpiece.

It's a platform, where you are reaching out towards your customers. Showing them, that you care about them and reaching out to improve their experience.



Mobile-first. Again and again.


Correctly designed website is a website responsive. Mobile-first index is a thing and it goes along with content-oriented website design.


When beginning the creative process and web design, web design company should think mobile-first. Website, regardless of the device, you open it on, have to be clear, intuitive, easy to navigate and first and foremost, have to have a quick loadings. 


People are more likely to drop out from so carefully planned funnel if they have to wait for a long time until the website will be loaded fully. Pagespeed is also very important in regards to SEO activities and page position in the Google search result page. Google webmasters have said it many times. Fast page speed is one of the most important factors when establishing the rank of a page.


World Wide Web is for everyone. Regardless of the age


The designer of a website has to take into consideration the age of the user. The Internet has been present in our lives since the early 90' and many people have grown older from that time.


Different generations have different needs. Pay attention, if your site is adjusted for the older people. Maybe think ahead and give an option to pick bigger fonts or give your user an option to highlight parts of the text. 


UX for the win

In a modern approach, the user is in the center of the designer interest. His experience and emotions should be prioritized.


If you made a good job designing the basic website functionalities, your user will come back to you twice as often. People can divide good designed website from poorly one nearly instinctively


Remember to keeping track of the user behavior. Analyzing people on your website gives you a lot of very useful insight. For example, if you have good analysts on board, there is nothing to stop you from getting to know the path of conversion. You have all of the information you need to be brought to you on the silver plate. All you need to do is to correct the places on site, that are losing the biggest amount of users. And then,  


Be consistent and regular with your content posting 

If nothing is happening on your website, why there is supposed to be any reason that anyone should be visiting your website. If you don't have a lot of time or resources, create for yourself a realistic schedule. 


For example one blog post a week. But it has to be well written, and useful for the reader. After a few weeks, this will start generating more and more organic entrances and engage more and more users.


Animations in the service of attracting user attention - 

People are curious creatures and the best way to catch their attention is to interest them with something. 

You can use this well-known knowledge, then thinking about website design. You can always implement some animated part of the background of your site. It could catch an eye and make it more interesting for your user to look. Along with the development of technology, websites are going to have more and more visual effects.