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Tuesday, 01 June 2021 11:31

Electronic Signatures for Flawless and Fast Work with Documents

electronic signatures electronic signatures

A long time ago, there was a tradition to leave insignia on important papers. Once, it was seals, images of coats of arms, and, of course, signatures.

 The originality of a person's signature and the manner in which it is executed can tell a lot about its owner. And today, the use of electronic signatures speaks of progressive thinking and business success. 

Recently, both large companies and small businesses are giving preference to documentary work using a computer. Everything is stored in one place, the desired item is easy to find, everything is sorted, does not get dusty, and does not take up space. If the reports are conducted online, then they should contain confirmation of the work of this particular person. This is why electronic signatures and platforms providing such services have been developed.

In fact, an e-signature is a full-fledged replacement for a real handwritten signature that combines your uniqueness with the practicality of the 21st century. While sending and receiving printed documents takes days and weeks, the waiting time using email is significantly reduced. Is it worth talking about the excessive use of natural resources? After all, the pure white paper that we use to print office documents and assignments is made from trees that humanity is in no hurry to restore. Using digital services saves time, money, and the environment.

How to Make the Right Choice and Which Site Should You Entrust to Work with Your Data?

In the era of technology and everyday development, the choice is not limited to one version of a particular product. When you choose a platform for creating an electronic signature, always pay attention to the feedback from users who have already tried the functions and offers of the company. 

Thousands of users are satisfied with the SignNow services, and they leave their comments and recommendations on various reliable sites. You can find a lot of reviews on Trustpilot, g2, and Gartner.

The site attracts with its lightness and simplicity of design. However, this simplicity is thoughtful and innovative. White background, blue and black letters, intricate green font inserts, matching stickers and pictures — all this gives the impression of a neat desktop. A well-thought-out interface makes it easy to find information and go to the desired page of the site.

The login button is located in the upper right corner of the site. Next to it is a highlighted offer of a free trial mode. This function is available to new users who are given the opportunity to get acquainted with all the offers of the site within seven days without a fee for using. For this, you just need to register. You have two options to register: either with your active Facebook account or with your Google account. In addition, you can choose not to associate work moments with personal aspects of life and create an account with SignNow using a different mail and the password you created. If you are already a registered user and have forgotten your password, you can click on the corresponding line on the login page and follow the instructions to resume access as soon as possible.

The site developers have provided high-quality support service so that in case of questions or problems, users do not feel stress. First of all, the home page contains answers to frequently asked questions. All information is presented clearly and easily. There, you will find step-by-step instructions for signing and distributing documents, security information, and much more. On the "Contact" page, you can leave information about yourself and describe your problem, after which, the center staff will contact you at an early date. You can also check information about current sales and offers. In the same section, you can search for answers using the search bar or join a live chat, the sign of which is constantly in the lower right corner.

A feature of the SignNow platform is the ability to work with various devices. Sign in to your account via the website on your laptop or desktop or download the official app for your Android or iOS device. It can be downloaded to a tablet or smartphone from Google Play and the App Store. The advantage of the application is that you can sign documents offline, which means that your work does not stop even on flight.

With SignNow, you can sign both .docx documents and .pdf files. After you have chosen the place to upload the signature, you can set up the distribution of the document not only for one recipient but for several at once. If the recipient is not a user of the platform, this will not cause any problems; he or she will still be able to sign it without purchasing services.

Where, for What, and in What Cases Is an Electronic Signature Used?

An electronic signature is used to identify the sender of the document, speed up the workflow, as well as confirm the invariability and reliability of the signed information. Its main task is to optimize, accelerate, and simplify the document flow of companies. However, the areas of use of electronic signatures are very different:

  • Transmission of electronic reporting
  • Carrying out transactions on electronic trading platforms
  • Document flow within one organization or with its external partners
  • Registration of labor relations between the enterprise and remote employee and much more

All capabilities of this service depend on the specific region in which it will be used. All the nuances should be clarified at the legislative level with representatives of the authorities or jurisprudence.